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Established in 2014 Street Food Circus is an ever growing collective, a rag-tag bunch of nomadic cooks, misfits, mixologists, rebels and revolutionaries who create immersive dining experiences and events like no other.

Headed up by Ringmaster and impresario Matt The Hat the SFC troop of traders serve up the whole world on a plate. We’re ready to pitch up in towns, villages and cities across the country at the drop of a hat. We produce award winning events with creative flair and have all the right ingredients to help new traders realise their dreams. Want to run away with us?

A message from the ringmaster Matt The Hat

I’ve always been passionate about eating good food, who isn’t ?
The first pit stop while travelling is finding a late-night street market - the excitement, people, sights and sounds, smells and atmosphere. It always feels like that is where real life lives.

The joy of discovering a whole new world of flavour through tasty local delights, totally authentic and absolutely delicious. Cooks perfecting that one dish, some passed down through generations.

Food markets are one of the oldest worldwide phenomena and whether it is eating a perfect plate of saucisson in a village in Southern France or the most delicious frankie rolls Mumbai, every country, region, city, town and village has its own culinary delight to be eaten on the street.

Initially SFC began with the romantic vision of wanting to bring those moments and a tiny slice of that atmosphere back to our hometown of Cardiff, drawing on elements of markets myself and SFC co-founder Simon had experienced in Mexico, India, Thailand, New York and Berlin.

We launched our food warehouse dining concept creating the first event at The Depot in October 2014 to great acclaim. The event felt revolutionary for the City our little punk DIY food collective rocking up in a large scale warehouse, filling them with diners instead of ravers. We were sticking two fingers up to conventional dining: there is a 100% a place for white table cloths but that wasn’t us.

To say Cardiff had an appetite for what we're bringing to the table was an understatement.
2015 brought us a collaboration with Nofitstate and the concept of Street Food Circus was born, on a site earmarked for development in the heart of Cardiff City Centre. We brought our signature festival vibe and a whole host of hungry traders together, to create an event that went on to Win “Best Street Food Event” at the British Street Food Awards.
2016 we stepped up a notch and pitched up our circus in Sophia Gardens. By now the Street Food scene was well established in the UK and the scene was drawing chefs out of their restaurant kitchens and onto the streets, providing a platform for new traders to grow their following, like Dusty Knuckle, Hangfire and Ffwrness, who’ve all gone on to open bricks and mortar businesses.
Unfortunately although the Sophia Gardens event gained us critical success, bringing thousands of people together to eat and drink communally, it was a financial drain for the company leaving us in dire straits. Since then we’ve had to scale down from our huge free events this made us take stock of our success and scalability sometimes big isn’t always best. Since then we’ve cultivated the company and made decisions that match our founding mission and the reason why we started Street Food Circus in the first place.

2017 - 2020

We’ve created smaller annual seasonal pop-ups in Roath and Canton produced and curate bespoke food areas for music festivals. We work with councils to help develop new street food markets and provide them with amazing traders and developed a series of new food events that we plan to tour. The space we operate in has changed radically but our mission and values haven’t.

The Future.

We move forward with passion and purpose with these principals in mind.


To revolutionise the dining options of towns and cities

To create innovative, fun and experiential events with food at their heart

To incubate and help create a diverse community of passionate street food traders

To create a platform for the rising stars of street food

To produce Street Food Markets that help create a sense of community and place

To put sustainability and good food at the heart of everything we do

Matt The Hat (Founder)
Matt The Hat (Founder)